Being a Better Employee: Stop Sucking at Change

People suck at change. And the more they suck at it, the more damage it does to the organization.

Cool, that’s all fine and dandy. Also, time for some real talk:
It’s up to employees to own their shit when it comes to change.

Mindset is everything.

The flip side of this is that some change legitimately sucks.

  1. “Buy-in is not optional.” Your responsibility as part of the team is to get and remain on board.
  2. “Change isn’t hard, attachment is hard.” Our attachment to the way things used to be, and a desire to keep doing things the same way is what makes change torturous for ourselves if we resist letting go and moving forward.



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Galen Emanuele | Shift Yes

Galen Emanuele | Shift Yes


Keynote speaker, thought leader, and author on team culture and leadership.